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  • Why is the Color of PCB Mostly Green?

    The color of PCB surface is actually the color of solder resist, which can prevent the wrong soldering of components, prolong the service life of devices, and prevent the oxidation and corrosion of de...

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  • PCB Panelization PCB Panelization The Skills Related to the PCB Panelization PCB panelization is one of normal work of PCB factory. What matters do we need to pay attention to when doing the PCB panelization? What are the requirements ...
  • About ZF About ZF Shenzhen Zhongfeng Electronics Co., LIMITED was founded in 2003 with headquarters in Shenzhen, providing professional turnkey PCB & PCBA service and One-Stop EMS service. We have obtained ISO9001,...
  • PCB Capabilities PCB Capabilities ZF offers a wide range of PCB process capabilities that can meet all of your PCB needs.
  • Medical Medical Revolutionary Advances in Medical PCBMedical PCB applications are growing as fast as the medical device industry itself. Some of the most common medical PCB applications include:1. Monitor: Personal a...
  • Delivery Guarantee Delivery Guarantee PCB can be delivered in 24 hours. As we all know, PCB proofing is an industry with high requirements for the manufacturing and processing.
  • Single Side PCB/Single-Sided PCB Single Side PCB/Single-Sided PCB Single-sided PCB is a kind of printed circuit board. Only one side of this PCB board has circuits (either with holes or without holes), and the other side is covered by substrate or directly covered b...
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