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PCB Panelization

PCB Panelization

PCB panelization is one of normal work of PCB factory. What matters do we need to pay attention to when doing the PCB panelization? What are the requirements of PCB panelization Let's summarize for you:

1. First, the issues related to panelization. We know that the main target of panelization is to save the cost of production. PCB panelization, whose width is ≤260mm to 300mm, varies according to different production lines. Because we may have a lot of materials, and for processing equipment, one material gun corresponds to one module, so if the panelization exceeds the scope of the module, the processing speed will be very slow.

The outer frame (clamping edge) of PCB panelization should be carefully considered to ensure that it will not be deformed after it is fixed on the fixture (generally V slots are not allowed on this edge). For the layout of components, first, all the orientations should be consistent, and the situation such as mirroring is not allowed, which will cause the problem of coordinate positioning in processing.

2. There should be no connector sticking out at the edge (between the outer frame of the panelization and the inner small plate, and between two small plates). If there is such a situation, it will hinder the cutting tool plate after welding.

3. In order to ensure the position and level of the test board, we need to set more than three locating points on the edge of the board. By the optical detection of the three points, we can get the benchmark coordinates and the levelness of the board of the whole processing.

4. The correct way is that when the distance is 5mm away from the edge and the travel direction is inconsistent, the distance is different (easy to distinguish the entry direction) : When setting the benchmark locating point, an unimpeded welding area which is 1.5mm larger than it is usually left around the locating point, and there should be no similar bonding pads or other similar ones.

There should be at least three locating holes in each small plate, 3≤aperture≤6mm, and no wiring or patch is allowed within the area of 1mm away from the edge locating hole (to prevent misjudgment). PCB panelization is mainly to save production and processing costs ( It will make the processing speed of machine several times faster). Unreasonable design will make later operation full of problems, and thus users should be cautious, so as to prevent problems.

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