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PCB That Applied In Energy Market

Market Scale and Forecast of Intelligent Driving

Some uses of PCB in new energy vehicles:

In recent years, there is more and more obvious trend of automobile electrification and electronization. As the backbone of electronic products, PCB manufacturing is becoming more and more important in the automotive supply chain.

Compared with the traditional fuel vehicles, the new energy vehicles are added charging, energy storage, power distribution and voltage conversion equipment, which will bring a lot of new application scenarios to PCB. At the same time, although the automatic driving above L4 can not be mass produced in a short time, the gradual penetration of a variety of intelligent driving components will bring rapid development opportunities to the application of high-end and high-frequency PCB in automobile.

New energy vehicles contain a large number of high-voltage and high-power devices such as IGBT and MOSFET. They have high requirements for heat dissipation, so the layout of PCB cannot be too dense, which further increases the consumption of PCB in new energy vehicles.

Driven by new energy vehicles, the PCB market of automobile will keep a long-term stable growth.

The demand of new energy vehicles for PCB also has great potential. With the support of industrial policies, the domestic new energy vehicle market has maintained rapid growth since 2014. BMS is one of the core components of new energy vehicles. As one of the basic components of BMS, PCB will also benefit from the development of new energy vehicles.

Compared with traditional vehicles, new energy vehicles are more electronic. New energy vehicles are represented by electric vehicles. Compared with traditional fuel vehicles, the main difference lies in four parts: driving motor, speed controller, power battery and on-board charger. The on-board battery is mainly used as the energy source, and the motor is used as the power source to drive the vehicle. Compared with traditional cars, new energy vehicles have higher requirements on the degree of electronization. The cost of electronic devices accounts for about 25% of the traditional premium cars and 45% - 65% of the new energy vehicles.

New energy vehicle BMS: new growth point of automobile PCB. Lithium battery is the core energy of new energy vehicles. In order to ensure the safe and reliable operation of the battery, it is necessary to monitor the battery in real time through the battery management system (BMS). BMS, also known as the brain of the battery system of electric vehicles, together with the battery and body control system, constitutes the three core technologies of electric vehicles. PCB is the hardware foundation of BMS. Large buses have 12-24 boards and small cars have 8-12 boards. The consumption of main control circuit is about 0.24 square meters, and the single management unit is 2-3 square meters. With the growth of the market scale of new energy vehicles, the need of automobile PCB will also increase.

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