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High Volume PCB Assembly

High Volume PCB Assembly

Most electronic product, component and PCB manufacturers will choose a production system based on whether they produce a large number of the same products. There are three main production systems: 1. Prototype; 2. Batch; 3. Large volume.

High volume PCB assembly is used to manufacture large quantities of the same products, such as PCBs in white goods, televisions, automobiles.

The mass manufacturing process is usually divided into a specific set of steps, which are executed sequentially on the production line.

High volume PCB assembly usually involves the use of computer-controlled machines, whose tasks may include loading printed circuit boards into chemical etching baths, and picking up and placing individual electronic components on the circuit boards.

Since the establishment of mass production lines can be very expensive, high-volume PCB assembly must involve a large number of equipment to cover the equipment setup cost.

ZF Electronics is an excellent PCB& PCBA manufacturer integrating R&D, production, sales and service. We are able to provide you with the service of high-volume PCB assembly. If you need it, our professional engineers and technicians will work closely with you.

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