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Rogers Mixing Lamination PCB

Rogers Mixing Lamination PCB

With the development of the electronics and communication industries, high-frequency circuits and RF (Radio Frequency) designs have become more and more extensive, and more and more high-frequency plates are used on PCBs to meet the requirements of signal transmission.

However, due to the relatively high price of high-frequency boards, from the perspective of cost saving, mixed pressure is usually used in the structural design of the PCB. Rogers mixing lamination PCB appeared at this time. That is, in addition to the necessary signal layer using high-frequency copper clad sheet to meet its signal transmission rate, signal integrity and impedance matching requirements, other layers still use conventional FR-4 copper clad sheet, and FR-4 copper clad sheet mixed with high-frequency copper clad sheet, but the higher the frequency of the signal, the higher the additional line loss.

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Parameters of Rogers mixing lamination PCB

Number of layers: 6

Plate thickness: 2.0 ± 0.14mm

Plate: Rogers 4350b + FR4

Dielectric constant: 3.48 ± 0.05

Dielectric loss factor: 0.0037

Minimum aperture: 0.3mm

Surface treatment: immersion gold

Minimum line width / distance: 0.18mm/ 0.2mm

Characteristics of Rogers mixing lamination PCB

High frequency material and Rogers4350b + FR4 mixing lamination.

Advantages of Rogers mixing lamination PCB

1. Use advanced high-frequency materials to ensure that the normality of products

We import high frequency materials from abroad. Various specifications of Rogers, Taconic, Arlon, Nelco and Isola are in stock, providing high-quality materials for communication equipment manufacturers so as to ensure the stability of communication equipment performance.

2. Adopt mature technology of plate making to protect the communication equipment PCB

We have technical personnel for design planning, process planning, product inspection planning to provide the highest quality processing scheme for communication high-frequency PCB. We are equipped with perfect quality control capability, hundreds of experienced technical personnel, advanced high frequency board test equipment and rich experience in high frequency board production.

3. Excellent technical capability

ZP is capable of making high-frequency mixing lamination PCB (high frequency material + FR4), high frequency PCB with 8mm thickness, copper based, ceramic based high frequency PCB, etc. We have various surface treatment, such as immersion gold, gold plating, immersion tin, silver plating and immersion gold + OSP.

4. Equipped with advanced production equipment to ensure the accuracy of each communication PCB

Advanced plasma cleaning machine and laser exposure machine and other process equipment and testing equipment to ensure the processing accuracy of lines and holes. ZF Electronics introduces ultra-thick and ultra-long circuit board processing equipment to meet the needs of processing high-frequency circuit boards of various specifications for the communications industry.

5. Excellent quality control system to ensure the performance of communication PCB

All products have passed strict performance test, such as hole copper test, impedance test, thermal stress test, solderability test and open circuit test. They all obtained ISO9001 and other international quality certification in strict accordance with international quality standards.

6. Professional service team and quickly customized products to provide satisfactory delivery

We provide 24-hour uninterrupted quotation service for customers to find a satisfactory price for PCB. We also provide rapid delivery from the beginning of order placement, ensuring the 24-hour express delivery to meet various urgent needs.

Applications of Rogers mixing lamination PCB

Communication base station, repeater, GPS antenna, power amplifier, signal amplifier, filter, coupler, attenuator, power divider, 3DB bridge, etc.

Do you need Rogers mixing lamination PCBs? We offer our customers high-quality Rogers mixing lamination PCBs and the best service. Please do not hesitate to ask for information if you need it. And if you have questions about our PCB production capacity, or the specifications required for your custom project are not listed on this page, please feel free to contact us. We will reply within one workday. We will continue to provide quotation support and design support. Welcome to learn about our production process.

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