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Prototype PCB Assembly

Prototype PCB Assembly

Designing the layout and requirements of the prototype is just the first step in PCB development. Once the design is completed and you want to use PCB layout/design software tools for analysis, the next step is to assemble the prototype PCB. Many engineers turn to third-party suppliers to manufacture printed circuit boards and assembly, even the very small number of prototypes. ZF Electronics are able to provide prototype PCB assembly service to customers.

Why we need prototype PCB assembly?

In order to quickly assemble PCB prototypes, conventional PCB mass production relies on a fixed process to provide the most consistent results. Thus, prototype PCB assembly is in great demand at that time. The goal here is to distribute high-quality circuit boards without any assembly errors in order to keep the production process smooth.

Requirements of prototype PCB assembly process:

  • The PCB must be manufactured in accordance with all necessary industry standards, and its design must be optimized to meet RoHS and other compliance-related regulations.

  • The circuit board must be fully assembled, and any part replacement of the prototype version used for testing and debugging must be reconfigured with conventional production-level components.

  • All DFM requirements must be included in the production design. This includes assembly design and test rule design to achieve maximum production yield.

  • In order to meet any industry safety and standard testing that may be required, all documentation requirements must be fully met.

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