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PCB Assembly Capabilities

PCB Assembly Capabilities

ZF's comprehensive PCB assembly capabilities

ZF Electronics has a cutting edge assembly facility and we are able to manage your project from the very beginning to the completion of the assembly process. We have the capability to meet all types of PCB assembly needs, such as basic through-hole PCB assembly, to standard surface mount PCB assembly, to ultra-fine pitch BGA assembly.

ZF has a team dedicated to custom production, either prototype or high volume, according to customer requirements. We can also provide lead-free assembly to support the EU RoHS directive.

PCB Layout Capabilities of ZF

ZF Electronics has years of expertise in providing PCB layouts with one or more insulation layers containing signal traces. We can produce fast rotating PCB layouts with minimal manufacturing cycle time in our operations.

ZF's PCB layout capabilities feature power integrity, PCB routing, AMS analog and electronic PCB layouts with over 25~25,000 pins, and use Allegro and PADS to solve your complex layouts, resulting in smoother PCB layout production.

Also customers can provide us with schematics, and then our design engineers will complete the PCB layout. Our professional team can provide an in-depth understanding of your existing design and make recommendations for the most cost effective solution based on prototype or complete operational requirements.

SMT and through-hole component assembly from ZF

ZF specializes in providing surface mount assembly services from small volume prototypes to medium and high volume production. The ability to solder wires directly to the surface of the PCB rather than using hole mounting in this technology. We are able to perform single and double-sided placement of all component types, and SMT can eliminate the spacing issues common in through-hole mounting.

Of course, ZF can also provide through-hole mounting and hybrid process assembly solutions for different customers, where different components, completed with wave soldering using the latest equipment, are led to the board through the holes.

Wonderful PCBA professional services to provide PCB Fabrication and Turnkey PCB Assembly Services from electronic components procurement, PCB Prototype, PCB Production Run, SMT assembly, welding, PCBA Function Testing, to the finished product one-stop production of packaging logistics solutions, aims to be your best choice for PCBA outsourcing processing!

Solder Types

Lead-Free (RoHS compliant)

SMT Parts Presentation

Cut tape

Assembly Time

From 24 hours to 7days once all parts are ready

Partial reel

Max. Board Size

500mm X 400mm


Board Type

Rigid PCBs, Flexible PCB, metal core PCBs,


Rigid-Flex PCBs


Assembly Types

Surface Mount (SMT) Assembly

Laser-cut stainless steel

Ball-Grid-Array (BGA) Assembly

Cable Assembly

We supply custom cables, cable assemblies,

Mixed technology (SMT & Thru-hole)

wiring looms/harnesses and power leads for

Through-Hole Assembly

various industries including automotive, security,

Mixed Assembly

mining, medical and entertainment.

Kit Assembly


Stencil with or without frame (supplied free by us)

Min. Order Quantity

5 pieces

Component Sourcing

Full turnkey (All components sourced by us)

Quality Inspection

Visual inspection

Partial turnkey

AOI checking


BGA placement – X-RAY checking

Component Types

BGA 0.25mm pitch with X-ray testing

In-Circuit Test

Passive components as small as 01005 (0402)

Functional test


After-sales Service

Repair and rework service will be offered if it is defective or damaged on delivery process. Communication comes first.

Fine-pitch components as small as 0.38mm pitch

Hard metric connectors

Cable & Wire


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No.52, Jianshi Industrial Park, Xinqiao Street, Baoan District, Shenzhen, China
+86-188 7956 1688