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Flexible PCB
Flexible PCB

Flexible PCB

Flexible PCB is made of flexible insulating substrates. It owns excellent electrical performance and can meet the design needs for smaller and higher density installations, as well as help reduce assembly processes and increase reliability, which serves as the only solution to meet the miniaturization and mobility requirements of electronic products. In addition, it can be freely bent, wound and folded to withstand millions of dynamic bending without damage to the wire. It can also be arranged in accordance with the requirements of the space layout, and have arbitrary movement and expansion in three-dimensional space, so as to achieve the integration of component assembly and wire connection.

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Application of flexible PCB

  • Aerospace

  • Military

  • Mobile communications

  • Laptop computers

  • Computer peripherals

  • PDAs

  • Digital cameras

  • More

Types of flexible PCB

4. Substrate to generate double-sided board

Two layers of single-sided PI copper-clad plate materials are used to compress the board, supplemented by adhesive for a window opening at a specific position, so as to become a double-sided conductor circuit board with a two-layer separated structure in a local area to achieve a circuit board with high flexural performance in the stratified area.

(1) Single sided board

The single-sided PI copper clad plate is used to form a flexible circuit board with a single layer of conductors by covering it with a protective film after the circuit is completed.

(2) Ordinary double-sided board

After the double-sided circuit is completed with double-sided PI copper clad plate, the protective films are added on both sides to make a circuit board with double-layer conductors.

(3) Single sided board generated by substrate

A pure copper foil material is used in the circuit manufacturing process where a protective film is added to each side of the PCB to make a circuit board with only a single layer of conductors which, however, are exposed on both sides of the PCB.

(4) Double sided board generated by substrate

Two single-sided copper PI boards are compressed with a bonding adhesive at a specific location to form a double-sided conductor board with a lamination in one local area and a separation of the two layers in other local area to achieve a board with high flexural properties in the layered area.

Advantages of flexible PCB:

Good heat dissipation and excellent solderability, easy assembly and connection and low overall cost.

he base material is mainly polyimide copper clad laminate, which has high heat resistance and good dimensional stability. It can be pressed with a cover film with mechanical protection and good electrical insulation properties to form the final product.

The functions of flexible PCB can be divided into four types, namely lead line, printed circuit, connector and integration of function, the use of which covers computers, computer peripheral auxiliary systems, consumer electrical appliances and automobiles.

If you have questions about our flexible PCB production capacity, or the specifications required for your custom project are not listed on this page, please feel free to contact us. We will reply within one workday. We will continue to provide quotation support and design support. Welcome to learn about our production process.

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