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PCB That Applied In LED PCB Market

The Introduction to LED PCB Technology

From smart-phones to kitchen appliances, electronic products play an important role in our daily work. At the heart of every electronic product is a printed circuit board (PCB). It is the basis of most electronic products today. These components have a number of configurations that allow them to provide a variety of functions. With the expansion and development of electronic products in various industries, PCB applications are also constantly developing. Today, the use of PCB covers almost every industry, and continues to develop into new industries and applications.

The application of LED PCB:

LED PCB can be integrated into many lighting applications because of its excellent energy efficiency, low cost and maximum design flexibility, for example:

1.Traffic lights;

2.Car headlight;

3. Military lighting;

4. Street and tunnel lighting;

5. Airport runway;

6. Street lamp lighting;

7. Photovoltaic (solar) lighting;

8. Flashlights and lanterns;

9. Light in the hospital operating room;

10. Factory lighting and so on.

LED PCB technology has evolved into a level that gives a rise to many innovations of many new products. A good example is the development of PCB for LED lighting. The LEDs are welded to a circuit board and the chip generates light when it is electrically connected. The cooling fin and ceramic base are used to connect the chip to absorb heat and cool the whole process.

LED PCB tends to generate a lot of heat, which makes cooling by conventional means laborious. Therefore, mentalcore LED circuit board is usually chosen to improve the heat dissipation capacity of LED. In particular, aluminum is often used to make circuit boards for LED lights. Aluminum PCB usually consists of a thin layer of conductive dielectric material that can relocate and dissolve heat compared to an unyielding PCB, providing excellent coherence.

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