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PCB Materials

PCB Materials

Advantages of ZF PCB laminate materials

ZF works with top PCB laminate suppliers to provide you with a wide selection of materials such as enhanced epoxy laminates, ultra-low moisture materials, high frequency ceramic filled laminates, all internationally certified and RoHS compliant.

The choice of PCB laminate material depends on your design and application. If you need help in selecting a board laminate material, or have questions about cost, lead time and availability, please feel free to contact us.

Printed circuit board laminates available from ZF

FR406FR4 high temperature
IS620iModified epoxy resin
N4000-6FR4 high temperature
N4000-11Modified epoxy resin
N4000-12 / 12lbsModified epoxy resin
N4000-13 / 13lbModified epoxy resin
N4000-13 / 13 EPSI Modified epoxy resin
N4000-29FR4 high temperature

ZF Circuit's strengths

ZF has over 700 customers worldwide, not only large companies, but also individuals and small companies. We work with large customers such as CTS, Tesla, FEV, Delta and Premo. Our main market is Europe, therefore, quality needs to be strictly controlled.

ZF offers a full range of PCB assembly services, including PCB manufacturing, component sourcing and PCB assembly. In this way, we can save a lot of time for the whole project. As we have PCB manufacturing and assembly facilities, and most of our reliable component distributors are located in China, ZF always has the fastest delivery times at each step.

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No.52, Jianshi Industrial Park, Xinqiao Street, Baoan District, Shenzhen, China
+86-188 7956 1688