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PCB in Aerospace Market

Some common aerospace applications of PCB include:

1. Monitoring equipment: instruments, including accelerometers, pressure sensors, microphones and torque and force sensors, all use PCB as part of their basic functions. These products are used in aircraft and rocket engines and cockpits to monitor vehicle functions and communicate with ground control systems.

2. Test equipment: in addition to its function as an aircraft, PCBs are involved in the development and testing of aircraft. PCB is used as the core of test equipment to collect data during structure, vibration and flight test. These data can be used to develop more efficient and safer aircraft.

In recent years, the growth rate of the global and Chinese PCB industry tends to be stable. In the current market competition environment, small and medium-sized PCB enterprises are often faced with greater financial pressure, while leading PCB enterprises have achieved considerable development through listing and financing. In the past five years, the top domestic PCB enterprises have obtained sufficient funds through the capital market, continuously improved the production scale, innovated the product process, obtained more orders and further concentrated the market share.

The old truism that airplanes have so many electronic parts is more true than ever. The aerospace industry promotes rapid development through various innovations in services, products and electronic equipment. Technology is the core of the aerospace industry. According to IPC North America PCB market report, the aerospace and defense industry has accounted for about 27% of the North America PCB market.

When referring to the aerospace industry, we think of large jets, new fighters, Mars flying rockets, flying cars and hybrid vehicles. The main factors affecting the development of the aerospace industry are software, hardware, navigation, control ability and guidance ability. There are many important things in aerospace engineering that are undergoing in the latest development.

In order to obtain highly advanced electronic equipment or small tools for any aerospace products, the rapid steering prototype with effective engineers plays an important role in the success of the equipment. There are many types of PCB used to manufacture heavy aerospace equipment.

PCB with thermal management function is the main USB of any operating system used in the aerospace industry. With a compact layout of heat dissipation, the latest PCB heat dissipation design can be carried out. A highly customized heavy-duty PCB is very important for electronic equipment used in the aerospace industry. In aerospace equipment and other electronic products, multilayer rapid prototyping and double-sided PCB have been widely used.

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