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Iron Base PCB

Iron Base PCB

The iron-base PCB is made of special steel, silicon steel and FR4 or CEM1, which can dissipate heat from key circuit board components to secondary areas, such as metal core or metal heat sink backing.

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Applications of iron-base PCB

Iron-base PCB has all the functions of metal materials, and has the following special features:

① Vacant area for further machining, purchase and fixation of iron-based PCB;

② High mechanical strength, suitable for the celestial electronic surface mounting machine.

③ Silicon steel is ferromagnetic and can be used in VTR, FDD and other micromotors.

Characteristics of iron-base PCB copper clad laminate

1. Good thermal conductivity;

2. Excellent heat resistance;

3. High insulation performance;

4. Magnetic conductivity;

5. Eco-friendly.

Applications of iron-base PCB copper clad laminate

1. Iron-base PCB copper-clad laminate is used to make the circuit substrate that is with high power, large current, high density and high power consumption, as the iron-base PCB copper-clad laminate has excellent heat dissipation, high reliability and long service life.

2. It is used for the integrated assembly of the circuit and the shell, making it short, small, light and thin.

3. It is used for the circuit assembly that needs a magnetic circuit, such as the circuit substrate of a brushless DC micro motor.

4. It is used for the circuit which is difficult to be assembled in the large ceramic substrate to overcome the brittleness of ceramic substrate and improves its processability.

5. It is suitable for the assembly of eco-friendly circuits.

6. Another new circuit assembly.

Do you need iron-base PCBs? We offer our customers high-quality iron-base PCB and the best service. Please do not hesitate to ask for information if you need it. And if you have questions about our PCB production capacity or the specifications required for your custom project are not listed on this page, please feel free to contact us. We will reply within one workday. We will continue to provide quotation support and design support. Welcome to learn about our production process.

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