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Mr. T. Mabbs
Absolutely first class, first rate, service, as always. Despite even CV-19, and all the disruption it has caused world-wide, pre-production checks, production checks, manufacture, assembly, ... all fa...
Ruth Johnson
Fantastic communication from ZF and a great finished product, very happy with the results. The attention to details was very useful which meant that any inaccuracies or issues through the fab process ...
Michael Mruzek
ZF always manufacturers and send excellent PCBs for my project.
Wouter Van Der Vinne
Very well made PCB. PCB panelized the boards for easier assembly.The assembly process itself is very good too. They send pictures of one finished board before manufacturing the rest, so there is le...
Ryk Waters
Really happy with the quality and speed of delivery. Always worrying when ordering assembled boards, but the quality of the boards were great and no issues at all with any of the components. Also nice...
Scott De Lacy
Assembly quality was great, alignment was fantastic and all boards work perfectly. They made sure that everything was perfect with assembly before continuing. Also sent me all of the excess components...
Michael McDaniels
ZF gave us quick and excellent service and quality as usual! The boards were completed and shipped ahead of schedule and worked the first time. Communication with customer server is always quick, frie...
Conrad Farnsworth
Excellent process control. These guys do a fantastic job on all orders.
Dr.Frank Buschmann
Even though I had some issues with the components on the PCB (e.g. my BOM was incomplete) and we had to communicate a lot and exchange information, the delivery was nevertheless almost on time - quite...
Excellent customer service! Boards were a great price and arrived in a timely manner Best board house ever!
Ordered a small batch as a trial. Very happy with the quality of the PCBs and assembly. Communication to verify some issues with components was well handled with photographs to confirm final assembly ...
Marco Pawlowski
The assembly is very good. Very clean and accurate. Each IC was mounted correctly. Always first a circuit board is equipped and pictures are made and sent. So you can control very well if everything i...
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Phone: +86-188 7956 1688
Address: No.52, Jianshi Industrial Park, Xinqiao Street, Baoan District, Shenzhen, China
No.52, Jianshi Industrial Park, Xinqiao Street, Baoan District, Shenzhen, China
+86-188 7956 1688